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Recent News

 11-10-2016 - SiG. 2016 to SiG. 2017, Read this
 08-10-2016 - Social Interaction Group Meeting
 24-08-2016 - Modified the website & added info.
 11-08-2016 - Celebrated the birthday of Danny CEO
 09-08-2016 - Discussed about re-opening Hosting
 08-08-2016 -  Discussed about selling weaponry


Product of the month November

602K+ Times Used

Ziggo, KPN, UPC (World Wide)

The second month on number 1.


Our new contact information:

HQ Europe:
The Netherlands
Simon Vestdijkstraat 116,
3544KL Utrecht

HQ -:  +31 6 31 05 10 33(Manager)






The story of Danny Maassen

Danny Maassen started up Social Interaction Group for bigger & better purpose, he started with a group of friends. They started up by selling software & games, in their first month they made €2.000,- euro's. They infested it all in computers & servers. In 2015 they started to become bigger & bigger, earned over €30.000,- in the first month of 2015 but they growned to 17 employee's, but kept everything secret about who they are. A year passed and January 2016 begon, And the group started to give out their names, Danny Maassen & Richard Holinga, Richard stayed sort of anonymous about who he was, Danny Maassen came out for everything. Social Interaction Group started to grow on an insane level. Now Social Interaction Group has 12.600 visitors every single day, and has 1.520 orders everyday.

But in SiG. 2017, Danny Maassen is staying outside & leaves the club, but is getting 2.5% of all incoming money. Wich is estimated arround €18.000,- in the next year.


Our contracters & third party members